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Luk Nourish - Pure - Luk Beautifood

Clear and colour-free.  Tastes of vanilla and cinnamon.

Lip Nourish™ Pure is a nourishment stick for 24/7 moisture, day and night. Use on lips, cuticles and dry skin. 100% Natural and made from nutrient active edible food. AAA Hydra-Soft Complex™ delivers antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and essential fatty acids to comfort, smooth and restore lips suppleness. Luxurious magnetic, velvet touch metal and phthalate free tube.

*Previously named Nude Cinnamon

* Apply to lips through out the day & before bed.
* Ideal for cold & hot climates - from freezing snow to tropical sun.
* Keep one in your bathroom, hand bag, desk drawer and car!
* Collect the full menu!
* Perfect for Gifting