Our collection of delicate jewellery including necklaces and earrings come in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, stainless steel or sterling silver. Browse... Read More
Alicia Earring - Rose
Alicia Earring - Silver
Baby Tears Earring - Rose
Baby Tears Earring - Silver
Claudette Necklace - Rose/Silver
Double Beat Stud Earring
Envy Green Amethyst Ring - (L)
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Golden Glow Earring - Yellow/Silver
Martillado Bangle (64mm)
Najo : My Silent Tears Earring
Najo : My Silent Tears Earring - Rose
Najo : Naj 'O' Necklace (45cm)
Najo : Rosy Glimmer Stud Earring
Najo : Rosy Glow Necklace - Rose/Silver (42cm + ext)
Najo : Simple Hoop (2 x 25mm) - Silver
Weeping Women Earring
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Weeping Women Earring - Rose
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Simple Hoop (2x45mm) - Silver
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Simple Hoop (2 x 45mm) - Yellow
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Najo : Simple Hoop (2 x 45mm) - Rose
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